The Members

But First - - Before you scroll down to meet our ringers - -
We thought it might be of interest to explain some of their ringing assignments and bell handling techniques.  The four top treble ringers (Positions 9, 10, 11 & 12) each have two bells in each hand even though they are only reading two notes in the music.  The bells get rather small at that end and as such, they "double up" one octave.  That is, they each have two "E" bells, two "F" bells, etc. in each hand.  They are held in such a way that they ring together as one with the normal ring motion and is called "Shelly" ringing.

As you go further down the scale and the bells get a little larger, ringers still read one note per hand but usually only have one bell in each since they don't "double".  But occasionally, they may have two bells in one or both hands and all are different notes.  Often, it is an accidental (like a sharp or flat) that has to be rung right before or after a "normal" bell making it nearly impossible to quickly change.  They will pick up the second bell in one hand at some point but it is arranged such that only one rings depending on their hand position.  This is called "two-in-hand" ringing.  When the normal "ring" motion is used, only the "ring bell" will ring.  When the motion is like knocking on a door, only the "knock bell" will ring.  This method can be used no lower than the bottom of the treble clef around Position 6 (D5-E5).  From that point on, the bells are simply too large to have two bells in one hand.

All ringers will often use a method called "weaving".  The bell in one hand is quickly placed on the table and the "extra" needed bell is picked up and rung when needed, often with the opposite hand that normally would ring that bell.  It's a great technique that makes each ringer quite versatile.

And, when "all else fails", a ringer will ring a bell for their "neighbor" simply because they have the free hand and can "catch that note" where it needs to ring.

Depending on how many ringers we have for an upcoming concert, we may add three additional "Position Doubler" ringers in the midsection or "battery" to add additional richness.  That is, there are two ringers ringing the same position and are at Positions 3, 4 & 5.  They use bells from our second 5-octave set of bells.

Keep in mind, there are over 20 different ways to actually "ring" a bell and each produces a very different and interesting sound.  You will hear most of them during a concert.  Click the "Handbell History"  link for more info on this.

We welcome our audience to come up and meet with us at the end of our concerts to take a look at the bells and music and ask us about any aspect of bell ringing.  Now, scroll down and meet our current and past members!
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Current Members - 

From Treble to Base:

Position 12:  Bb6&7 - B6&7 - C7&8

Joyce began her study of music with piano lessons at age 8.  In 1974 she began her career as a church organist and is currently serving Redeemer Lutheran Church, Lancaster.  She is in the Olivedale Ringers handbell choir and also plays bass clarinet in the Lancaster Community Band.

Position 11:  Gb6&7 - G6&7 - G#/Ab 6&7 - A6&7

Kelly - is a graduate of Concordia University - Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she received a double music degree in Church Music and Piano Pedagogy.  Kelly is the Kantor of Emanuel Lutheran Church in Lancaster.  As Kantor, she plays the organ, directs the handbell choir, adult choir and various instrumental ensembles and teaches hymnody and liturgy classes.  She also plays the saxophone and bassoon in the Lancaster Community Band.  When she is not being musical, she enjoys drawing, reading and genealogy.

Position 10:  Eb6&7 - E6&7 - F6/F7 - F#6&7

Linda has been ringing handbells for 30+ years with Lancaster First Presbyterian's Celebration Ringers.  She has been very active in regional and national handbell events, and rang in an auditioned choir, directed by Arnold Sherman, at the 2008 National 'Pinnacle' Conference in Nashville.  She is a Charter Member of LHE.

Position 9:  C6 - C#6 - D6/D7 - D#6&7

 hails from Canal Winchester and is graduate of Capital University, and is currently a member of the David Lutheran Church's Bell Choir.  She has 20 years of ringing experience.  She is a Charter Member of LHE.

Position 8:  Ab5 - A5 - A#5/Bb5 - B5

Marilyn - Marilyn lives near Logon, Ohio and is a retired elementary teacher who still enjoys being a substitute teacher.  She currently plays handbells at the First Presbyterian Church of Logan's bell choir under the direction of Bert Brennen.  She also plays piano for the worship services at St. Matthew Lutheran Church and directs their children's choir.  She has sung in church choirs, cantatas and is part of the Bicentennial Chorus in Logan.

Position 7:  F5 - F#5/Gb5 - G5 - G#5

Paula - - Paula has been a handbell ringer for 30+ years.  Paula participated in several bell choirs as well as performed solo ringing within churches she has attended in Ohio and Oregon.  While in High School she had the opportunity to participate in a bell ringing tour which included a visit to a Monastery in Vermont.  Bell ringing to Paula is a stress reliever to her bank job and daily commute to Columbus

Position 6:  Db5 - D5 - D#5/Eb5 - E5

Jennifer - - Jennifer is our newest ringer and has been ringing with the St. Peters Lutheran Church handbell choir since its inception in the early 1990's.  She is also a member of the Olivedale bell choir.  Having just retired from a 45 year nursing career, she is enjoying her "newly found freedom.  Her other hobbies include cooking, gardening, traveling and, of course, family.

Position 5:  Bb4 - B4 - C5 - C#5

John - has held various ringing positions over the years.  John has rung in the Trinity Methodist (Grove City, OH) bell choir and has rung with Seton Parish in Pickerington.  He is a retired software developer, and pursues genealogy, geometry and history.  This year, John decided to be our "floating" ringer taking the place of other ringers that are unavailable for rehearsals.  He will be taking this position for Ted Milbaugh who is temporarily unavailable for our spring concert.

Position 4:  Gb4 - G4 - G#4/Ab4 - A4

Janet - is a graduate in music education from Capital University and has played organ, directed adult and children’s choirs, both choral and handbell, for over 60 years, most recently as Music Director (choral and handbell) at David’s United Church of Christ in Canal Winchester. In addition to her musical activities, she likes to read, cook and work jigsaw puzzles.

Position 3:  Eb4 - E4 - F4 - F#4

Kathy is a Lancaster native and began ringing in 2003 with the Celebration Ringers of First Presbyterian Church.  As a busy financial advisor by day, she considers ringing a fantastic stress reliever!  When she's not working or ringing, you'll find Kathy serving on the Lancaster City Schools Board of Education, volunteering as a board member of the American Red Cross and as an active member of Fairfield Medical Center Twig 14.  She is a Charter Member of LHE.

Position 2:  Eb3 - E3 - C4 - C#4/Db4 - D4

Christine has loved music since she started singing in children's choir at her Ft. Wayne, IN church at age 4.  As an adult, she sang in a number of choirs, including choirs at Seton Parish and the All American Chorus of the DAR.  She has been ringing handbells since 2003 at Seton Parish.  Christine is a retired chemical engineer and enjoys gardening, genealogy, reading and crocheting lap robes for wounded veterans.  She is a Charter Member of LHE.


Peggy - Peggy lives near Baltimore, OH and has rung handbells for about 15 years with the handbell choir of Christ UMC in Baltimore. She also has played in various community concert and jazz bands since high school as well as The Ohio State University Marching Band and currently plays with the OSU Alumni Band.  Peggy's work schedule has conflicts with this years winter concerts however, she is filling in during rehearsals for ringers unavailable for practice which is a great help!!

Position 1:  Db3 - D3 - D#3 - F3 - F#3 - Ab3 - A3 - A#3

Paul is a Charter Member of LHE and has rung in the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church Handbell Choir since 2003.  He was also the founder and Director of the Youth Handbell Choir at Seton parish.  At LHE, he is a 'mainstay' in the 'low ding' section and is often found adding percussion and special effects to musical selections.  Paul is an Electrical Engineer by trade whose interests include photography, railroading (the real ones) and riding his horse.

Position 0:  C3 - C#3 - Gb3 - G3 - G#3 - Bb3 - B3

Tom is one of our charter members and resides in Canal Winchester and has played bells since 2007 with the David Lutheran Church Handbell Choir.  He has no trouble hauling what he calls the 'Cool Papa Bells'.  During the Christmas Season he proved himself to be 'tintinnambulatory' (being able to walk and play bells at the same time), and has taken up the mastery of the rain stick.  Tom also occasionally provides special lighting and stage effects to our performances.  Tom had some shoulder problems in 2019 that recently worsened and this has sadly made ringing no longer possible.  

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