Audition FAQs

Why an Auditioned Handbell Ensemble for Lancaster and surrounding communities?

  • To educate and entertain the community through the art of handbell ringing
  • To provide advanced ringing opportunities
  • To explore a wider variety of handbell literature
  • To provide resources and educational opportunities for area school and church handbell groups and directors

How will auditions be conducted?

Groups of potential ringers will perform before a panel and will have the opportunity to display
  • Ringing form
  • Sight reading skills - ringing first from their preferred position and one other position
  • Ability to briefly study a score and ring first from their preferred position and one other position
  • Knowledge and performance of handbell terminology and techniques
Potential ringers will have a brief interview with the Director and a member of the Board.

When and where will auditions be held?

  • Auditions will be held as positions are needed.  They will be held at First Presbyterian Church in Lancaster, Ohio.

How many ringers will be selected?

Depending on our ‘pool’, we will consider 15-16 ringers.  As is common practice in auditioned groups, ringers will rotate positions, sitting out, and filling in as needed. With two 5 octave sets at our disposal, all ringers will ring during rehearsals.

Where will rehearsals take place?

First Presbyterian Church in Lancaster

When does the group rehearse?

Thursday evenings from 7:30 to 9:00

How many octaves of bells and chimes will be available?

5 Octaves of Malmark Handbells
5 Octaves of Malmark Chimes
5 Octaves of Schulmerich Handbells

Is handbell experience required in order to audition? 

Persons with no previous handbell experience, but are able to read music fluently, are encouraged to audition.  Handbell ringing requires a new musical vocabulary, and skill sets.  If accompanied by a strong desire and commitment to learn handbell techniques, persons with little or no previous handbell experience may be considered.

Where/How often will this group perform?

In addition to two scheduled concerts, the ensemble is available to perform at organizational clubs and events.

How can I register to Audition?

Auditions dates will be posted.  When auditions are scheduled, you can
send the application form (found here) to:
    Leta Cook
    First Presbyterian Church
    222 N. Broad St.
    Lancaster, OH 43130

Will there be a membership fee?

Yes. A semi-annual membership fee of $45 is collected each March and September.

Other questions?

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